Who is Joshua Lamberty

Joshua (Ramon) Lamberty (Torres) is an incredibly short delusional man suffering from racial dysmorphia due to unresolved childhood trauma. He believes that he is a white European man who has no association whatever with Latin America, despite using the alias “GQBoricuaXXX”.

One can posit that this results from an environment of racism against those of African descent, Jews, Mestizos, Native American and anyone else who does not have features characteristic of persons of White Germanic descent (long nose, straight hair, blue or green eyes and pale white skin).

Being an incel mostly due to his thick Puerto Rican accent and the complex resulting from that, coupled with advanced periodontal disease (halitosis, swollen gums and an abundance of calculus on his teeth) which can be seen from his numerous Youtube videos, being overweight and an incessant desire to bring up race as the sole reason for his misfortune and lack of friends.

Poor Joshua has had to result to transsexual and homosexual relationships because he cannot find any women that can tolerate him.

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